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Welcome to the Williams Middle School website. Williams is a grade 6 through 8 public middle school in Longmeadow Massachusetts, located just north of Enfield, CT and just south of Springfield MA. With a student body of 350 students, we are committed to building relationships with our students to help foster a successful transition from childhood to early adolescence. Our faculty and staff are exceptional and offers a strong, diverse curriculum that recognizes and accommodates individual learning styles. Our efforts have resulted in being named a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Compass School for exemplary improvement efforts. Additionally, in 2001, the Mass Insight Education designated Williams as a Vanguard School.

We offer the traditional academic subjects of language arts, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies along with an exploratory program, which includes art, music, technology education, health and physical education. All classes are heterogeneously grouped with the exception of grade 7 and 8 mathematics. A full year of high school french or spanish is taught in grades 7 and 8. Our outstanding performing arts program includes men's and women's chorus, mixed choruses for grade 6, orchestra, band, and jazz band. Academic, exploratory and performing arts classes take place during a seven-block school day.

While we currently offer an exceptional variety of engaging curriculum and a top notch exploratory and arts programs, we continue to look for areas in which to grow. We will continue to grow professionally in the area of differentiating instruction and hope to continue to gather and use data to better inform what we do and how we do it. We are extremely fortunate to have students, families and a community who deeply value education.


Williams Middle School is dedicated to the overall school district mission of ensuring all students excel in learning, succeed in life, and enrich our community. In addition, we are committed to supporting a successful transition from childhood to early adolescence.

As mentors of change – personally, academically and socially, we will strive to:
  • Create an environment for learning that develops a spirit of inquiry, encourages personal excellence, and fosters self-esteem.
  • Support and encourage each individual to reach his/her potential.
  • Provide a highly motivated and supportive staff, and a strong, diverse curriculum that recognizes and accommodates individual learning styles.
  • Foster a community (climate) of understanding, compassion, and respect.
If you would like more information or have any questions about our school program, you can e-mail me at twrye@longmeadow.k12.ma.us or write to Williams Middle School, 410 Williams Street, Longmeadow, MA, 01106

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Mr. Taylor P. Wrye, Principal
Williams Middle School
Mr. Taylor Wrye

Mr. Thomas Underwood
Assistant Principal