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Williams Middle School Webquests


"An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information
 that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet"

       2000 - 2001 Williams Middle School was the recipient of The Technology Literacy Challenge Grant through the Massachusetts Department of Education and became A Technology Lighthouse Site. The purpose of this grant is was to identify, enhance, and disseminate existing classroom projects that incorporated new technologies with the learning standards in the curriculum frameworks in a way that motivated students to learn. The teachers who originally implemented these projects served as mentors, and their projects as models, for other classrooms in the school, other schools within the districts, and other districts across the state.

Our project, titled "Exploring and Achieving the Learning Standards through WebQuests" received $30,000.00 in funding. These funds provided a twelve week course, software, hardware, substitutes and supplies for learning about and authoring WebQuests.

Below are links to the WebQuests produced by our Longmeadow Teachers. Have Fun!

Ms. Gelinas

A Tour of Central America

Mrs. Haar

John Brown, Savior or Traitor


Do You Know Why You Bought That?

Mrs. Paradis

The Silent Sea Creatures

Mrs. Santaniello

Science With Toys

Mrs. Renius

Biome WebQuest

Mrs. Gartman

First Aid

 Mrs. Grimaldi

Ancient Egypt

 Mrs. Grimaldi

Ancient Egypt

 Mrs. Budreau