Summer Reading 2020

For incoming Williams' students...students going to LHS next year need to check the reading requirements under the grade 9 page.

Summer reading had long been an integral part of the learning experience at Williams Middle School. Summer reading helps students to maintain their reading skills, to develop the habit of reading, and to become critical thinkers.

This year, Williams Middle School would like to encourage summer reading, but without a required text. This summer students find themselves in so many different places academically, socially, and emotionally. With this in mind, we have collected recommendations from the staff at Williams to share with the students. We encourage students to take a look at the titles that we have turned to for inspiration and entertainment. Students will find a wide variety of titles from many genres on the list. It is our hope that they will find a just-right book for their summer reading.

Parents might also find some old favorites, too. Students often take comfort in a shared reading experience. You might find that a family read or a small book club might be just the experience that students need this summer.

Summer Reading Recommendations from Your Teachers

Summer Reading Recommendations from Your Teachers