Grade 8 Parent Information

For parents and students seeking additional information about the possibility for a vocational education for their high school experience, please read the information below and watch the video that is included from the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative, aka Career Tech.

School Website:

School Video (click on service member in front of the fighter plane)

CTEC counselor contacts:

CTEC: 174 Brush Hill Avenue West Springfield, MA 01089; 413-735-6300


If you would like to chaperone a field trip, you must have an active CORI on file with our school. Unfortunately, it is not enough to have been CORI'd at another organization, they are not transferrable. 

To complete the process, you must come to the office at Williams, along with your driver's license.  You will complete the form in the office and a photocopy of your license will be made. We cannot accept CORI forms from other places and forms cannot be mailed/sent in. After the CORI form is processed, will be  good for 3 years. Thank you!